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Get your team or company logo embroidered today! Spirit Outfitters provides embroidery services for hats, T-shirts, and more. Our embroidery is done by a partner company out-of-store and generally has the same turnaround time as our in-store services. Our partner company has the ability to embroider both in 2D and 3D. With over 300 thread colors, your design will look exactly how you envision it.

Rhinestone Design

Looking to make your apparel stand out? Check out our rhinestone designs. We have a variety of colors and sizes of rhinestones that can be used on shirts, hats, bags, and more.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a single screen to transfer ink to the shirt. Multiple shirts can be loaded on the printing press simultaneously, which allows large amounts of shirts to be printed in a short period of time. Up to 6 colors can be printed on the front or back of each shirt, but each color requires an additional screen to be created. All of our screen printing is done in-store. If you are looking to print large quantities of the same exact shirt, screen printing will be the best solution. Because of the setup cost of screen printing, a minimum of 12 shirts is required to print using this method.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing consists of stripping away layers of a vinyl sheet and heat-pressing the final design onto a shirt. After the design is printed onto the vinyl sheet, layers that are not included in the design are removed. The resulting vinyl design is then positioned on the shirt and transferred using a heat press. Vinyl prints can be layered with different colors, and there is generally a 3 color restriction. In addition to screen printing, all of our vinyl printing is done in-store. If you are looking to print small quantities of shirts or print names and numbers on jerseys, vinyl printing will be the best solution.